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VisualVision is a software house, like Microsoft. 
In this page you will find all the information you need to quickly try the most powerful of our programs, HyperPublish. For other products (enclosed EBooksWriter, the tool for creating EBOOKS; and EasyWebEditor, the popular Web site builder), click here
HyperPublish (known also as iPer HyperPublish PRO or simply VisualVision) is an editor designed to create catalogs, CDROM and Web sites. In other words to carry out both on-line (Internet pages, Web sites, like this one) and off-line (manuals, CDs, fancy pages, minutes) publishing of any kind of hyperlinked electronic documentation. While a word processor can manage text for print, HyperPublish manages hyper linked texts for video (and can even export Rtf or Doc for the printer by the way!). In short HyperPublish can create Web Sites, catalogs, manuals and CDROMs 
With HyperPublish you don’t lose time managing single pages, continuously saving and loading the information: the visual editor allows you to manage more pages as a single entity. All are simultaneously available for editing, and all are saved as a single file. 
With just one click, you can publish your page-set to the Internet, through the internal FTP engine. With another click, you can publish the same set onto a CD, thanks to the internal CD Wizard. You can also output to Rtf, WinHelp, HtmlHelp, Doc. 
Features like styles, colored tables, maps, mouse-over changing images, sounds, frame sets, slides, forms and pop-up windows, are deeply integrated in a real hypertext-oriented architecture.  
HyperPublish takes full control over the whole document / site / catalog: you can browse links in the editor; place elaborate frame-to-frame links or show/close pop-up windows through visual dialogs; you can globally search and replace word, images or links. 
The aim of HyperPublish is to let you concentrate on the content, while the software takes care of the rest: If you’re not, and don’t want to be, involved with too much technical stuff, HyperPublish is probably the best all-in-one solution to produce professional results in a short time.  
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The HyperPublish is a powerful hypermedia editor, for catalogs, Web sites and CD-ROMs. Click here to download the 30day “HyperPublish” trial. If you want, click here to download clipart. 
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Click here to purchase the “HyperPublish” for only US $149.90 (instead $199.90 offer closes March 15th), on-line through a secure server (you will see all available offers, educational discounts, and so on...). You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few hours, and also an e-mail with registration instructions. In the meantime you can play with the trial version above. 
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Visual Vision has been selling software online since 1998, and is a proud member of the Association of Shareware Professionals 
Visual Vision, professional tools for both on-line (Internet pages, sites, Html) and off-line (manuals, e-books, hypertext documents, CDs) authoring and publishing. Making Web sites, creating Internet and Intranet pages; building multimedia CD (with automatic install); catalogs; e-books, hypertext; policy and procedure manuals; laws, with cross references; health and safety manuals; training manuals, technical manuals; software user guides, on-line help systems; specifications, minutes. We have the best ebook creator (or compiler) on the market, the best Web site builder, the best catalog software tool out there. 

Visual Vision sells professional tools for creating high quality hypertext documents: create catalogs; create Web sites, Internet and Intranet pages; multimedia CD (with automatic install / autoinstall); make policy and procedure manuals; ebooks; rule-books; laws, with cross references; health and safety manuals; training manuals, technical manuals; software user guides, online help systems; build catalogues; specifications, minutes; multimedia electronic books; Html documents; schools-related hypertext. Ebooks, Web and CDROM publishing and authoring. Making hypermedia has never been so easy! 
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Special Perogatt Editions: a lot of templates, images, clip art, themes, also for Christmas Xmas. Make a nice Web site or CD! 
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