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EBooksWriter: creating ebooks has never been so easy! Self-installing standalone .exe, or AEH ebooks suitable for EbooksReader: protect them with various passwords, or forbid print and copy!

EBooksWriter is a tool for creating self-installing standalone .exe ebooks, or AEH ebooks suitable for EbooksReader. You can protect the ebook with various passwords, you can forbid print and copy.

EbooksWriter is designed to reduce effort and save time. You work with a document that encapsulates a set of pages and images, instead of on single pages. The editor then allows you to revise, browse, and search all of your ebook. Working with a single file means that you're free from the need to continuously save and load the information. Archiving, updating, backing-up and keeping your documents in order has never been so easy.

Main benefits:

  • self extracting ebooks with one click
  • one ebook, one source file. All visual, no compilation.
  • built-in browser (no IE or Netscape required)
  • full-text search capability, even boolean search in the ebook
  • .exe or .aeh ebooks freely distributable, i.e. no royalties
  • you can prohibit print or copy in the ebook
  • you can set an expiration date for the ebook
  • you can password protect all or part of the ebook
  • you can assign different passwords for different users
  • frames, text styles, popup windows, mouse over sensible images, visual linking: feature rich, easy to use, fast
  • little and smart: runs on Win95,98,ME,NT,2000; requires at least a P100 with 16MB RAM; uses no DLLs;

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