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PaperKiller is a visual tool optimized for creating manuals. With it you can create ay kind of manual, rule book, online guide, quickly and with ease. You can edit pages with fonts, styles, tables and pictures just like a word-processor, and place links and image hot-spots easily.

You get your output in all current popular formats, including Rtf-WinHelp, Html, HtmlHelp, Doc for MSWord and txt. You save time by learning a single tool and maintaining a single source document. All edits, search/replace, archive, publish and export functions, act on the whole hypertext, rather than single pages.

Take advantage of the internal album that makes it easy to reuse objects and images, the clipart and templates collections that help you to obtain results immediately, the optimized hypertext management and the WYSIWYL(TM) that makes even the placement of elaborate frame-to-frame links as simple and intuitive as possible.

All is fast, reliable, and designed for "real world" use. What's more, you can even instantly reuse your work for Internet publishing, and have the full redistribution license for CDROM works, by upgrading to iPer Hyper Publish PRO.

Manuals, e-books, hypertext documents, catalogs; policy and procedure manuals; laws, with cross references; health and safety manuals; training manuals, technical manuals; software user guides, on-line help systems; specifications, minutes; Intranet pages; personal multimedia CD (with automatic install), and more! All kinds of electronic documents

You will be astonished seeing how much time PaperKiller will save you, and how such impressive results are easily obtained with so little work!

Get the FREE trial now, and learn how to create a manual in minutes!

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