Create catalogs with ease!
The perfect software for creating catalogs.
catalogs on CD, catalogs on Web sites

iPer HyperPublish PRO is a fast all-in-one tool for both Web sites and CDROM, very adapt for creating and managing catalogs, both on CDROMs or on a Web site.

If you or your company need a fast tool for creating / updating even huge Web catalogues and/or autoinstall CDs in a snap, you must absolutely have this software, suitable for non technician, designed to increase the productivity!

While a word processor helps you edit texts for printing, HyperPublish helps you editing hyperlinked texts for video, with the same ease. With HP, you manage multiple pages all at the same time. After creating a catalogue in the visual editor, you can either publish it directly to the Internet in Html (through the automatic FTP engine) or create autoinstall CDs (through the visual CD-Wizard).

You can publish your catalog in a lot of formats: Rtf for WinHelp, HtlmHelp, Aeh, Doc and Txt formats are available.

The editor is suitable for beginners, i.e. can be used even by a non-too-much computer skilled. All is visual: styles, tables, mouse-over changing images, slides, frame sets, forms...; quick visual interface for link browsing and management; wide-hypertext searches, link explorer, custom components; and more...

Main features:

  • designed for everyday work.
  • fully visual, no coding;
  • you can publish the same catalog both to the Internet and onto a CDROM, without any difficulty;
  • can manage a whole catalog as a single file (you donít need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions);
  • simultaneous browsing and editing (you can browse links with a double click);
  • visual linking, with active previews, even when you show separate windows and/or insert complex frame-to-frame links;
  • internal Internet publishing (FTP), with automatic detection of modified pages; HTML fully compatible with all browsers (no different pages for NS and IE).
  • internal CD Wizard, for the automatic creation of autoinstalling CDROM; full text search, boolean search, keyword search on the CD;
  • hundreds of functions: frames with drag &†drop, mouse over sensible images, header and footers, styles, advanced frameset management, slides, keywords, internal album, forms and much more...
  • main functions very similar to standard Word Processors ones, reduced learning time
  • advanced functions available for experts: you can insert HTML, macro (custom components) and so on...
  • link explorer; complex object search functions;
  • fast and smart, can run yet on a P100 with 16MB RAM. Do not use any DLL.

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