Hypertext editor / creation software 
Software for Multimedia CDROMs, Web sites, manuals, catalogues, hypertext creation 
Creating / making hypertext. The hypertext is a powerful method of organizing information. Get the FREE HyperPublish trial and learn how to create hypertext documents in minutes with this hypertext creator / builder! 
HyperPublish is a powerful hypertext editor / maker. It is a fast all-in-one visual editor for creating both Web sites, CDROMs, and any other hypertext document, either on-line (Internet, HTML) or off-line (manuals, CDs, catalogs, Win-HtmlHelp). While a word processor is useful for managing texts for print, HyperPublish is useful for managing texts for the video, i.e. any kind of hyper linked electronic documentation. You can make hypertext, web sites, manuals, brochures, minutes, CDs, and more. 
HyperPublish’s intuitive easy to start environment requires no more technical skills than a standard word processor, but is very powerful under the hood! Stop messing around with tons of files: even large page sets are managed as a single document, i.e. as an hypertext. You act on a single item for archive, searches, revisions and publishing. With only one click, you can publish all the hypertext to the Internet, through the internal FTP engine (that automatically detects modified pages, saving time). With just another click, you can put the same hypertext on a CD, thanks to the internal CD Wizard (external programs such as Netscape or Internet Explorer are not required). You can also define a page order for printing. 
Everything is visual so it’s very simple to obtain fancy pages, with styles, image hot spots, tables and even elaborate frame-to-frame links (thanks to the powerful WYSIWYL™ interface: try it, it's a new way to place links!). And all of this without forgetting about advanced users: they can insert Html and Javascript, if they like, and even create component libraries for fast code reuse, with parameters. 
You buy and learn a single package (saving money and time), and you have hundreds of functions for managing hypertext. You edit a single source document, and you have so many formats and can publish to so many media your hypertext... 
Make web sites, Internet and Intranet pages; build multimedia CDs (with automatic install); catalogs, ebooks, hypertext; policy and procedure manuals; laws, with cross references; create health and safety manuals; training manuals, technical manuals; software user guides, on-line help systems; HtmlHelp / WinHelp; specifications, minutes... just think about the content, and let the software produce the results. 
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